The Best wedding planning online checklist and guide iPhone app:

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Every woman is insanely excited about planning their wedding but they are also very stressed from all of it. Creating a wedding and seeing everything through from the start to the end takes a lot of time and it is a lot for the bride to figure out. This is why almost everyone planning a wedding seeks out some sort of help. And because weddings are so huge to make and because there is a lot that goes into planning one, no matter the size or the location of the wedding it is hard and help is always appreciated. There are a lot of different kinds of help that you can get when it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most common resources that couples are using in today’s’ times is the wedding planning checklist app it is known as the best wedding planner app for the iPhone…

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Wedding party app to capture and save your best wedding moments

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The night of your wedding is one of the most special nights that you will ever experience and you do not ever want to forget or lose those memories, of course you want a ton of pictures and videos of everything. This is why almost everyone hires a photographer and a cameraman, a lot of people also put disposable cameras on the tables for everyone to use, and then to leave the cameras behind so the bride and the groom can have them. This is a great idea to capture every moment and be able to see your wedding through the eyes of everyone there.

wedding planning app

For weddings that are being planned in today’s’ times, people are commonly using the different wedding party apps to plan every aspect of their wedding. It helps to save the bride and groom money as well as time and it tends to reduce the…

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Ideas in choosing the best processional songs for your wedding ceremony

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Ever since I was little I have always had a head filled with thoughts of what my wedding was going to be like, and as I grew the ideas changed, or I found a way to combine some of the best things to where they would all go along with each other pretty well. I know almost everyone dreams about their wedding, especially females. For the most part I seem to have everything pretty much planned out when it comes to the topic of my wedding; I even have some ideas for music, like certain songs at certain times, or at least the genres I should consider for the wedding party and what not but when it comes down to the finalization of the music choice for my wedding I am still confused and a lot of people are confused when it comes to the music for their wedding.

Wedding processional songs


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Quick and Advanced Guide for wedding planning in mobile app

How to plan  wedding in mobile app ?

At first bride want to know about the wedding app, features ,  what are function are in the app? and to want to get the planning check . so for many things …!    Her iwedplanner support wedding brides to plan there wedding in write way for Example.. we are having app the wedding planning functions in one single app

List of function are:

  • Check list
  • RSVP
  • Budget planning
  •  countdown
  • seating arrangements  for Guest 
  • Gift registry
  • guest invitation and email invitation
  • your won wedding website  for Guests 
  • wedding photo albums
  • wedding vendors 
  • wedding ideas blog 

wedding planner and brides will plan all in one single app , top  best Free wedding planner iphone ipad  and android app

How To choose The Right Chicago wedding bands for party planning

 wedding band is most important for wedding day because, your guest want to happy in party so brides want to choose best wedding bands for wedding, so for the reason iwedplanner provide a list of top 20 vendors for DJs let get the beast

The best wedding bands will perform nearly any variety of music. whether or not you are looking for a band to play musical genre throughout a classy cocktail hour or a bunch of rousing musicians to urge your guests up and salutation, the simplest wedding bands will handle the task. Before hiring one, however, arouse an inventory of references, a recording and conjointly a group list. the simplest wedding bands can have an in depth set list, however it is important to raise the band if they will be able to play any special songs, like a primary dance song. If they do not realize it, likelihood is smart that they are going to be able to realize the music and learn it before your event. The Right Chicago wedding bands for wedding party


Many bands conjointly offer company diversion, which suggests it’ll be necessary to book them well in advance; but, this suggests that you just is also able to catch a live performance at another company diversion event. Hiring a live band is usually the foremost valuable music possibility, however several couples realize that the expense is worthwhile as a result of the band browse  to read whether or not the guests ar enjoying the music and alter the tone if necessary.

Planning a wedding using website and apps

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We have been thought to plan everything from our childhood days. You would have come across or know the top business person in the world would have achieved success by Serious planning process. Here I am to say the importance of planning but not for the business but for the wedding. Since if you want to achieve success whether in wedding or business you need to plan.  

Planning is part and parcel of our life we would always start a day with some planned tasks in our daily life. Most of would have failed to complete our task and postponed to the next day. In the case of the wedding planning process there is no excuse for postponement because it will make you other days plan a total fuzz.


The best way to start your wedding plan is to seek advice from the newly wedded couples before you start…

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San Diego a place to have your wedding and Honeymoon | iwedplanner

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One of the preferred places for having an indoor or outdoor wedding; San Diego is the best place. The Californian city is famous for its wonderful beaches and most people prefer to have their outdoor wedding in beaches.  The city has the best infrastructure and the  best facilities for the tourist who visits San Diego.

san diego wedding

Couples across the world visit San Diego to have their memorable honeymoon. The city has some of the top rated resorts and hotels and they offer some good tour packages to spend your honeymoon. For the couples who are planning their wedding in San Diego it is easy for them to locate the wedding vendors.  You can find some of the best wedding vendors to buy your wedding essential which makes this city as one of the preferred locations for the couples to have their wedding.

Most couples have their destination wedding in San Diego…

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