The Same, Only Different

Move the Chair

While eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant, my eye traveled over to the bar area with this great assortment of Cokes and Orange Fanta bottles.

There are some who will tell you that my taste buds are permanently stuck at 13 years of age-I guess that is true in some respects as I still find one of life’s greatest moments is drinking an ice-cold Coca Cola.

I learned last week that the bottles of Coke and Pepsi you see in the grocery stores in the Hispanic Foods sections are there for a reason-they are flavored with sugar and not the heavy fructose syrup that American sodas are filled with. So I tried one out and sure enough, it has a sweeter taste that goes down easily. So much to the dismay of my dentist I am sure, I will periodically allow myself an occasional guilty pleasure such as this-


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The Same, Only Different

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